Swimming Classes For Ladies In Dubai

Ladies Swimming Classes

Are you looking for well-trained and friendly swimming classes near me for ladies in Dubai? At Blue Wave Club we offer excellent swimming classes for ladies, with experience levels ranging from beginner to Olympic-level training.

Blue Wave Club prides itself on maintaining the highest level of professionalism in all aspects of programs and other services at our swimming academy for ladies. Our swimming instructors are licensed to teach the sport as well as have certifications in first aid and CPR. Moreover, we maintain the highest standards of hygiene in swimming pool ladies. Learn to swim at Blue Wave Club with the peace of mind that we regularly maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool for ladies, as well as ensure temperature control during extreme weather.

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  • We are currently offering ladies’ classes every Wednesday
  • The duration of each class is 1 hour.
  • Our classes are for both beginners and intermediate.
    • 4 Students To One Coach For Beginners
    • option 1: 10 class packages
    • option 2: 15 class packages 6 Students To One Coach For Intermediat

We offer two options for class packages:

  • option 1: 10 class packages
  • option 2: 15 class packages

If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend opting for 15 class package.Head over to the enrollment page to find out about pricing details, and book your swimming classes.

Professional Swimming Classes For Ladies Near Me

Our ladies swimming classes are perfect to get your fill of fitness, fun, and some self-care time in the middle of a hectic home and work schedule.

Join our ladies swimming classes Dubai and learn the basic elements of freestyle, such as breathing, balance, and gliding. If you already know how to swim, our lady swimming instructor will help you work on the efficiency of your freestyle stroke.

As a professional who needs to improve performance, sign up with Blue Wave Swim Club today. Not only does our advanced facility offer an invigorating atmosphere where athletes can thrive, but also you can tailor a program to align with your competitive training goals. Your search for exceptional swimming academies near me ends here!

We cater to professional swimmers with a hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee. If you need a swimming class near me for ladies with seasoned professionals to prepare for an upcoming competition, we’ll be happy to welcome you to Blue Wave Club. We have various specialist trainers onboard, many of whom have trained past champions in swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our classes are designed to help women become more confident in the water. Our experienced teachers provide training ladies with the necessary skills to swim safely.

We help perfect basic swimming skills such as breath control, floating, and stroke technique, as well as water safety skills like safe exiting and entering of swimming pool, and treading water.

Although we usually conduct swimming classes in smaller groups, you can request private swimming classes. Please note that the prices for these classes differ from those of our regular grouped classes. You can contact our client service via contact page for private swimming classes details and booking.

You need to carry personal swimming essentials such as goggles, swimming caps, swimwear, and other preferred gear. If you need any additional equipment, our instructors will inform you.

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