Pool Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

Family activities are fun and encourage bonding time with parents and their kids and one of such activities is swimming. Swimming is also an activity that can be included as part of a children’s party, so you need to be assured that your kids are safe in and around water.

Also having a pool in your house or visiting one promises endless fun, but it also comes with the huge responsibility of keeping your actively curious little ones out of harm’s way. Several mishaps can befall little kids if left unattended around a body of water, they could be harmed bodily resulting in permanent scarring, paralysis, and even worse death.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your little’s safety in a pool or around one.
1. Ensure they know how to swim first, so they know how to handle the water.
2. Insist that a lifeguard be around or let someone who can swim be appointed to watch them if you cannot be around to watch them.
3. Ensure that they have the right equipment like floaters and tubes.
4. Learn the basics of first aid and CPR so you know how to save a child in distress and have emergency tools for getting a child out of the water like a pole.
5. Ensure that children under the age wear the right swimming diaper to avoid “accidents” in the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is as easy as ABC. Our coaches are professionals who are very skilled and well trained enough to teach both children and adults.
Yes anyone can, our team of experts would assure you of this. Also it has been proven that even babies can swim because it is an innate ability for them.

The age limit is from 2 to 12 years.

We have a 25 meter pool for adults and a 15 meter pool for children. This ensures that our pool is spacious and conducive enough for everyone in it.

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