5 Essential Tips on How to Help Your Kids Start Swimming

5 Essential Tips on How to Help

  • 27 February 2024

Children are delicate and do not possess the mental capacity like adults. They require a lot of attention and time

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Reasons to Join Guided Swim Lessons during Pregnancy

Reasons to Join Guided Swimming Lessons during

  • 07 February 2024

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of human life as it is the essence of a new family.

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Swimming Strokes

5 Swimming Strokes Children and Teenagers Should

  • 23 January 2024

A swimming stroke is more like an art of how you are going to move your body in water to

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Must Have Swimming Equipment for All Types of Swimmers

Must Have Swimming Equipment for All Types

  • 11 January 2024

Prior to taking swimming classes in Dubai or opting for a fun dip in the water, you should understand the

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Benefits of Swimming

Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming 30 Minutes

  • 05 January 2024

Swimming requires interaction with water, and this sounds like real fun. You are able to spend valuable time in the

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Swimming Competition

Swimming Competition Sports for Kids

  • 22 June 2022

Parents are thrilled when their children excel at sports especially the ones that can help them go further in life

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Life Guard of Blue Wave Club

Why Lifeguards are important?

  • 22 June 2022

A lifeguard is someone who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants such as

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Fun Adventures with Family

Family Fun And Exciting Adventure

  • 22 June 2022

An environment that fosters familial unity where families can bring their kids for fun activities is one of the reasons

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Tips for cleaning pool

How To Maintain Your Pool

  • 22 June 2022

It is highly expedient if you have a pool to know and understand how to care for and maintain it.

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Handle Active Children

How To Engage Active Children

  • 22 June 2022

Having an active child brings an array of emotions from exciting to exhausting or frustrating in a parent. One minute

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Pool Safety Tips for parents

Pool Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

  • 22 June 2022

Family activities are fun and encourage bonding time with parents and their kids and one of such activities is swimming.

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Fun Pool Games for kids

Fun Pool Games for Kids

  • 22 June 2022

Swimming is not just about getting yourself wet, floating in the water and exercises alone, it is about having the

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Baby Learning to Swim

Benefits of children learning to swim.

  • 22 June 2022

You need to give your child the chance to learn to swim because it is a good sport for complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is as easy as ABC. Our coaches are professionals who are very skilled and well trained enough to teach both children and adults.
Yes anyone can, our team of experts would assure you of this. Also it has been proven that even babies can swim because it is an innate ability for them.

The age limit is from 2 to 12 years.

We have a 25 meter pool for adults and a 15 meter pool for children. This ensures that our pool is spacious and conducive enough for everyone in it.

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