5 Swimming Strokes Children and Teenagers Should Know

A swimming stroke is more like an art of how you are going to move your body in water to get the maximum benefit and joy. Kids swimming classes in Dubai are apt sources to teach the little ones the basics. This will further assist in their healthful lifestyle, and if they decide to pursue a career in swimming, this is the perfect start.

Moreover, swimmers of all ages should learn some other techniques as well, like breathing and diving. However, listed here are the five basic styles of swimming strokes for kids.

Top 5 Swimming Strokes for Children and Teenagers

1. Breaststroke

One of the slowest and most commonly used swimming strokes is the breaststroke. People oftentimes compare it to the frog’s movement because of how swimmers direct their arms and legs in the water. Also, it is suitable for beginners as it does not require keeping your head underwater. However, there is an exception for competitive swimming.

According to a source, it is also one of the most difficult swimming strokes for children; nevertheless, it offers efficient control in water. Also, it is a preferred recovery stroke and permits comfortable breathing. To learn this type, kids should first float with their stomachs and stretch their bodies to the maximum extent possible.

During this step, they should keep their hands together. Moreover, the arms should move in a half-circular motion under the water surface. For the proper accomplishment of breaststroke, the arms and legs of the kids or teenagers should coordinate wholly.

2. Butterfly

The butterfly stroke is among the hardest swimming strokes, however, poses strength and grace. Its name specifies the resemblance with the wings of a butterfly. Before the initiation of this stroke, the kids and their supervisors should know what it requires from a body for a healthy swimming experience. Skills and capabilities like timing, coordination, strong core and upper body strength are very crucial.

Besides, butterfly stroke offers a dynamic experience and as per a source, can take time to learn. It associates itself with breaststroke as the latter imposes its development. Additionally, the difference lies in how the swimmers recover their arms, which should remain above the water’s surface instead of below.

Due to the complexity, it can prove to be one of the most effective swimming strokes for teenagers instead of small kids.

3. Backstroke

Another of the swimming strokes for teens and children is backstroke. You might have comprehended the technique via its name. Its performance lies on your back, in conjunction with alternative arm movements and a flutter kick. Also, it highly depends on how the swimmers sense their body positions while floating and align all this with the backward movements.

Furthermore, it is one of the easy swimming strokes, allowing kids to relish the surroundings. They can have a convenient experience of breathing as well. Extending their arms and continuously moving gives relaxation without putting too much effort or understanding.

4. Sidestroke

Next, swimming strokes for children and teenagers include sidestrokes. It is one of the older techniques, which is not in trend anymore, particularly for competitions. However, the experts suggest including it in your swimming regime for safety purposes. As per a source, the lifeguards learn sidestroke for rescuing.

Nevertheless, it is nothing wrong with your kids wanting to grasp its daredevil concepts. With alternating arm movements and a scissor kick, one has to swim on the side. Also, it is not that hard to learn.

5. Freestyle

One of the swim strokes is freestyle. It is quite fast and also known as front crawl. Moreover, it is very common, and your kids will definitely learn it during their swimming classes. A flutter kick and alternating arm movements complete this style with ease.

The body should remain parallel to water while lying on your stomach. The cupped hands will act like paddles, and with the help of arm driving, you will propel yourself forward. If you are a teacher and good at swimming, this can become one of the favorite swimming strokes for teenagers or children. You can try teaching them at home.

How Can Kids and Teenagers Have an Enjoyable Experience with Swimming Strokes?

When you are in a swimming club in Dubai or any other location, one thing you should keep aside is stress. Swimming is all about relaxation and health rejuvenation. You can destroy these elements by forcing your anxiety onto them. Moreover, alongside bringing essential gear to the swimming pools, kids can also bring some fun equipment.

One of them is blowing bubbles. You can make the solution yourself or buy from a market with a bubble wand. After all, your little swimmer is not going to practice strokes all the time. He or she needs rest, and the kid can relax inside the water. The constant practice can make the kid tired; therefore, let your kid relish the surroundings as well.

Your kid can also come out of the water to have a walk or rest on a chair, or have a chit-chat with other kids for several minutes. Furthermore, there are tons of water toys for kids, like hula hoops and diving sticks, particularly when the little ones have good breathing practice and are comfortable staying underwater.

Besides, instead of merely focusing on swimming strokes for teenagers and kids, you can allow them to stay or swim without following any approach. Let them have their moments by trying out whatever comes into their minds. Also, keep an eye on them all the time to avoid any mishaps.

Classes at Blue Wave Club Dubai: Perfect Swimming Destination for Kids

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