5 Essential Tips on How to Help Your Kids Start Swimming

Children are delicate and do not possess the mental capacity like adults. They require a lot of attention and time to grasp various concepts. Although for efficient kids’ swimming classes in Dubai, you have multiple options like us, it is still best to start with something at home. The parents or any elder around these little beings can learn tips from this article to embed basic swim lessons.

How to Help Your Kids Start Swimming? Top 5 Tips

Start Slow and with Ease

There is no need to rush the expert swim lessons. As a parent, you should first induce the love of swimming into your kid’s mind. This is one of the fundamental tips for teaching your children to swim. Let them experiment in the water for a while so that they get used to the interaction.

Moreover, if your kids can read, search for books or relevant reading sources so that they can understand the basic concepts. Teach about different kinds of strokes and explain your story regarding the first time you ever swam.

Never try forcing this activity. If your kids are not into swimming then move to other kinds of sports. They might gradually understand on their own the value of swim lessons.

Never Forget to Retain Fun

How to help your kids start swimming? Well, by letting them have fun in the water. Aside from the technicalities of this activity, there are lots of opportunities via which children can enjoy spending time in water. Remember, your little ones should consider it low-stress because this is its actual purpose. Swimming is to relax and wash away many mental and physical problems.

Furthermore, if your kid has an abundance of negative emotions, your efforts can go to waste. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the element of fun. Try finding age-appropriate swimming or water toys for kids. There are vibrant floating mattresses and water guns you can buy. Moreover, keep the juices or food around the pool area to keep them entertained.

Teach Kids about Regularity

Next on the list of tips for teaching your children to swim is the value of regularity. Persistence is important to achieve anything. Constant hard work and dedication can nourish them to learn anything they desire in life. Therefore, it is you who has to make them regular in terms of swim lessons.

If your kids go to school, they somehow know what happens when they willfully take a day off. Even the entertainment media, like cartoons or movies, discourage children from leaving school without any serious reason.

Let them know that their swimming skills require day-to-day practice to attain the expert level. Give them examples of famous swimmers and elaborate on the stories of their struggles.

Practice Breathing

Practicing breathing is something your kids can conveniently do, even at home. This is the reasonable answer to your question, ‘how to help your kids start swimming?’ It is because, during the swim classes, a kid has to spend a lot of time in water. The breathing exercises prior to joining the sessions can let them learn this activity faster.

If you have a bathtub at home, help your kid do this practice. Ask them to hold their breath and place their face in the water. Start with the mouth first and then the nose. Remember, you have to show patience as your kid is new to this kind of exercise. Children can practice holding their breath multiple times a day while using a stopwatch. 

Moreover, if there is a pool in your house, teach swimming strokes best for children or teenagers.

Set Goals

Last but not least, the answer to ‘how to teach kids to swim’?’ lies in setting goals. You can either consult with the swimming coach or ask your kids about these goals. Is your child interested in joining a swimming competition in the school, or is swimming just for fun and exercise?

These goals assist in knowing the extent of technicalities they should grasp. Although it is always best to teach them everything you know regarding swimming, there are always constraints of time and availability.

Avoid These to Make Your Child Ready for Swim

How to teach kids to swim? Prior to commencing guiding, you should also know what points to avoid. First, you should not let them depend too much on goggles. These eye protectors are obviously useful underwater, but kids should know that it is important to swim without goggles, too.

Moreover, you should not hold your children back from placing their faces or hair underwater. Parents can become too conscious and protective. However, this is not a realistic approach. Pour water on their heads and let them have fun, as illustrated before, to eliminate signs of hesitation. 

Contact Blue Wave Club UAE to Make Your Child Ready for Swim

Being a well-known swimming club in Dubai, Blue Wave Club has placed a mark in terms of training various age groups. In order to not let children miss out on anything, we give you the opportunity to join the classes with cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, we teach babies as well, starting from 3 years old, all the way up to the adult age. Kids or elders of all genders are welcome to join and interact with our skillful coaches. Besides, the environment is very child-friendly; therefore, there is nothing to worry about regarding their swimming lessons.


Among the tips to help your child learn to swim, there are a few essential steps. For instance, you have to start with a slow pace. Whether it is some kind of stroke or just the introduction, kids’ bodies should have a slight familiarity with floating.

Moreover, you should incorporate approaches for fun. Kids should love swimming and remain far away from negative emotions before joining the classes. Take help from water toys. Besides, let your kids practice breathing at home first. Be with them during this exercise, and make good use of a bathtub, if you have one.

Also, you should set goals or ask your kids what sort of future they like in this activity. If they are into some water sports, assist them in achieving such a goal.

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